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Tuesday, 15-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Azhari & Liza, Kangar Perlis - Majlis Pernikahan

all relatives and frens gathered...
Imam recite the khutbah...
aku rasa benda ni kacang jer...
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Azhari and Liza work in Telekom. I guess there were the place they meet each other. What a special about this coverage was...i meet lot of old friends back to Uni-hood. It's a well planned weekend assignment which I planned my own holiday in Penang right after their wedding reception in the following day.

Congrats to Liza eventhough she was very nervous to face a new episode in her life. And to Azhari too, for being married with beautiful Liza. To all Liza's frens participated in making that event succeed (to mention Intan, Izya, Lina and etc)...thanks for being so wonderful. To Izya, sorry for "POW"ing you ikan bakar at Kuala Perlis...btw it was a nice dinner outing with all of you. Not to forget to all Liza's frens out there...if u plan to get married...let me know! I'll do my best to photodocumentize your moments and preserve it for ever.


I love this photo. The colour has been tuned in PS.

Couple : Azlan Dato' Awadz & Norhayati Jamin
Venue : Kintamani, Indonesia
Date : 21 January 2005
Category : Honeymoon / Wedding Portrait

Saiful Nang
Senior Photographer,
Saiful Nang & Associates
019-2004 257


Monday, 14-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

A kid...
owh...notti kid..
maybe hyperactive kid...
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14th February come again this year. Maybe today is the date i express my love to someone deserve to be loved. For this year, i guess i have a beautiful someone for 2005 valentine's ticket. Introducing....E.PPPP!!!! (Pronounce Ipy).

THis cute notti boy is my only nephew. 1 year 2 months old (when the photos taken). He's very cute and hyperactive kid. His name is Saufi Hairul Nang (3 generations name) cute as his uncle Saiful Nang (i guess). This kid is the reason i travel most of the weekend to Klang just to see him. And sometime, even in weekdays night. His hobby is to be my co-pilot whenever i bring him into my car (kicking radio, play with wiper, honk, dahsboard, tickling his uncle while driving...ganas budak ni.

Finally, to EP, Pak Ngah would like to express, I love you so much!! be nice and take care of your daddy kay!


After few months establishing myself in fotopage, I share lot of photos and i gain lot and lot of frens everyday. Including my Yahoo Messenger which now 60% came from my fotopage. From only "less than 10" visitors a day increase to 400-600 visitors a day constantly. Busy of maintaining the frenship with all the fotopagers, i somehow lost my time to update my favourite list. I know it has been an issue lately when a few "sensitive" people around found that i don't have their link in my page. Today, i decided to pull-out all link from my favourites.

But it doesn't mean that u are not under my favourite site. Just because there are too many favourites around and i can't really afford to update my list everyday. For those visited my page, i thank you so much. In life, we hardly make all people satisfy and happy with what we do...and for those that really support me...i appreciate you so much! And for those feel not satisfy with me, i welcome negative comments thru my email. Bombing me and hide your identity in comments column apparently prove that you have no issue but only an intention to pull me down. I trust my audiences so far, they are all know how to value which is right and which is not.

Btw, I'll have my corporate page up as soon as possible. And once it's launched, this page will entirely be my private photoblog. So then, i welcome all fotopager to that site, u can login and u can contribute your idea in a forum.

Excuse for the language!

Wednesday, 9-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Brother and Sister

Me and Ayda ( by Dj Andre

If I tell you that she's my sister, would u believe it? taken during a Le TOur de Langkawi coverage at Dataran Merdeka. Photo taken by DJ Andre ( At first sight i don't really alert that we share the same smile, nose, eye and face...hahhaahha. She don't have janggut and i don't have headcover, that's what make us different.

Sunday, 6-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Le Tour de Langkawi - Final Stage - Criterium

the team start...
to sprint...
at this stage...
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Le Tour de Langkawi happen once in a year in Malaysia but there are few special things that people should know. No.1 - This race is the 10th times Malaysia successully organised. No. 2 - This is my first time do this event coverage.

I was there quite late. Once I arrived, they already gone for the 6th laps. Due to the speed they were cycling, I have only 4 more chances before the race end. I failed to get the shot I wanted. Next time I should be arriving earlier then I can recce some good angles and do some warm-up photos. Silly me...just realize that i've forgotten to put off my Raywan Polariser from my lense. Okay, it's good then at least there are something to learn from there.


I was there enjoyed the phototaking with DJ Andre, Bubba, Zzouk, Ayda and her friend (Sorry you haven't intoduce her), Mat Tarm and Last but Memang Last datang was Shahrin Aziz. It was a pretty good coverage under the hot sun yet still interesting.


Brown Graeme lead the cluster of 5 Ceramica Panaria racers entering the sprint zone. Panaria won the Overall Point Competition through Brown Graeme.

From left Brown Graeme (Ceramica Panaria), Cox Ryan (Barloworld) and Koji Furokawa (Bridgestone Anchor). Cox Ryan won 2 flying colour jerseys, Yellow for Overall General Champion and White for Overall Mountain Competition while Koji won the Overall Asian Champion for LTdL 2005.

The Overall Asian Winner Koji, backgrounded by the Le Tour deLangkawi 10th Anniversary banner.

Saiful Nang
Senior Photographer,
Saiful Nang & Associates
019-2004 257

Saturday, 5-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Norizan Anwar & Azir Ibrahim - Reception in Kelana Jaya

U lama lagi ke?
I baru nak start ni, u dah boring ek?
Alaa jgn lah amik gambar aku ...macam hantu!
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I attended a meeting early in the morning by 8.00am in KL Center. It was then finished by 10.30 am. Right after the meeting, i drove to take a road to Damansara Utama where the transit house located. It was Saturday but it was a terrible jamm happen and suddenly i remembered about the LeTour de Langkawi that happen in KL to Putrajaya. This race lead to many road closure and automatically caused the terrible jam everywhere. Luckly I manage to take an illegal U-Turn at Jalan Tun Razak and i arrived at the right time.


Norizan Anwar is now working with Terasworld, a company based in TPM, Bukit Jalil while Azir is working at Celcom, Taman Tun Branch. Maybe I should highlight here that this lovely couple is the last kids in their family. make them look more lovely right?

The event happened at Dewan D'Klana, Kelana Jaya. It was hosted by En. Anwar and his family. I already put all the stories happened that day in the then, Enjoy the Pic BUddies!!

Saiful Nang
Senior Photographer,
Saiful Nang & Associates
019-2004 257

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