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Thursday, 13-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nazareena & Mohd Nor - Melaka Pt.3 - Wedding Day

Kerja sama-sama...
Gelak sama-sama...
sengih sorang2...
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Naza's reception happening last week. She is very friendly, supportive and so patience. One value i respect her most is...she's really appreciate the wedding moment she created so much. Take everything seriously and tried very hard to make everything perfect. But normally, once we plan to get married...suddenly we have to do an event which usually happen to be to job to the Event Organiser.

For the first timer to organise such a big event in life, sometime they'll face some lacking in the programme arranged. That's normal and that's something they gonna remember and make them smiles forever.

And for me...Congrats Naza and Md Nor for making your event a great event. I just do a little deed to photodocumentize your wedding as a book that preserve what u gone thru in your Big Day. I Love You Naza and Md. Nor!

Saiful Nang
Lead Photographer
Saiful Nang & Associates
019 2004 257
Yahoo Msgr : kebuluran@yahoo .com

Credit : Flash Lighting from Engku Iskandar (

Tuesday, 11-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Azlan Dato' Awadz & Norhayati Jamin - Bangi Reception

Main table waiting
The arrival
New house of Dato' Awadz
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This wedding actually happen on Saturday 1st of January 2004. But only now i have the space to put their photos online. This reception is consider my 2nd assignment in 1 big package of their wedding galore....and u must not believe if i say, I have the 3rd and last assignment in their wedding photography package...It's not gonna happen here. But both of them will fly to Bali for a honeymoon cum wedding portrait shooting in Kuta, Boroboodour and more places of interest in Bali.

I'm gonna be with them on 17th till 22nd of January for their honeymoon. But my session roughly will end within a few days and left more spaces for them to feel so much privacy in their honeymoon. I hope if i can get an internet access there...I'll be updating their photos daily (LIVE) from Kuta, Bali.

This couple just spend a few thousand more for their honeymoon in order to make their honeymoon a great memories of all time (At least no self phototaking where u can see your own hand holding the camera )

OK Azlan...We gonna rock in Bali kay!!!

Saiful Nang
Lead Photographer
Saiful Nang & Associates
019 2004 257
Yahoo Msgr :

Credit : Nikon D70, SB-800 speedligt, 28mm f2.8 nikkor by Engku Iskandar (

Monday, 10-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aziruddin Prof. Dr. Zakaria & Dr. Faridatul Amla Sainal - JB

rumah azi
wife azi
Adik Azi dan Azi
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Thanks to azirudin, a long lost friend that suddenly came back and express the intention to engage my propassional service to render photodocumentation for his wedding in JB. The reception held in Dewan Jubli Intan Johor Bahru right at the foothill of Bukit Timbalan.


Yusof and His fiancee Ain. And these a part of his blog for last Sunday. Thanks dude for that honour...u can read more at

Now came to the nice part. When I handshake Azi's hand, the cameraman took pictures of us. Glancing at him, I realized it was a familiar face! It was Saiful Nang. Ok, that name minght not ring any bell upon you, but it did on Ain and me. Saiful is a famous photo blogger. His snapshot is so creative and different. I once showed the photoblog to Katak, and guess what? He told me, Saiful was his lecturer back at Lim Kok Wing Institute! Anyway, when Azi and Fida have a futher conversation later and Saiful again took our picture, we said straight to him that we are his fan and he was flattered. You can see his photoblog here.

Azirudin married to Dr. Faridatul Amla, A medict graduate from Ireland. Proud to have a chance to capture my first Medical Doctor wedding. Maybe red colour is favourite colour to Dr. Farida but i believe this colour she hate most once last time. Maybe the first time she enrolled in a medical school.

Thanks to Azi, Dr. Zakaria and all azi's family for being such a lovely family. They are rock!! To Azirudin and Dr. Farida...enjoice the pic.

Saiful Nang
Lead Photographer
Saiful Nang & Associates
019 2004 257
Yahoo Msgr :

Sunday, 9-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nazareena & Mohd Nor - Melaka Pt.2 - Wedding night

Naza before touch-up
accompany by her pengapit...
Ini pulak selepas...
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Friday afternoon about 3pm I drove my car from KL and take an easy drive to Melaka. Suddenly when I was in Jejantas Restaurant...Naza called me...Saiful, where are u? I dah nak nikah ni .....

(Don't ask me how fast i drove and how many trafic light i langgar...i manage to be there in about 10 minutes). Luckly i don't miss the nikah...Sorry Naza.


After covering nikah naza and md.nor, i move to Bukit Baru to check-in to a hotel which already reserve by Naza....thanks Naza. The good point was, I stay in a room next to Intan Suraya. Intan came along with her friend Ina. Just have a little time and prepare to go to Naza's house on 8.30 pm.

Ina, Intan and me

We go out a little early, about 7.30 pm while the journey to Naza's house take roughly 5 minutes from the hotel. I realize i don't bring any t-shirt and i drive to melaka central...hahahha see something very familiar "Angun Suci Boutique" ...but no t-shirt suit my taste and after 3 minutes i got 1. That's the fastest shopping i ever had in my life...Ina and Intan stayed in the car.

Naza wedding night

And I manage to be at Naza's house at about 8.27pm...still early i guess. And straight away got to the bridal room and snap and snap and snap. Non stop till i have all these photos...I love this assignment. Thanks Naza for giving me the trust, your wedding day will be coming up soon. Thank Ina and Intan for the hang-out at Pantai Kundur for a Roti John.

Saiful Nang and his New Toy

Bought it a few days back in photo selangor since I have to say good bye to my Nikon D100. At last i realize why D70 is better then D100? In fact D100 is more expensive. But for me, camra is a tool of creativity only. I don't fight for which tool is good and which is not. Special concern onto creativity will uplift my works to greater level.

Finally, Naza...thanks and sorry to make u cry that afternoon...confirm gelabah. Congrats to both of you and we'll see again on 30th. Remember nanti I and Intan nak datang rumah u kat equine, and u cook for us okay for a dinner and i bring the album sekalik

Saiful Nang
Lead Photographer
Saiful Nang & Associates
019 2004 257
Yahoo Msgr : kebuluran@yahoo .com

Credit : Flash Lighting from Engku Iskandar (

Saturday, 8-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nazareena & Mohd Nor - Melaka Pt.1

Di nikahkan oleh father Naza
Imam bagi slowtalk...
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Just put a few pic happening during Majlis Pernikahan Nazareena and Mohd Nor. THe event took place in Taman Desa Baru, Melaka. Check the next entry for her wedding night galore...

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