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Friday, 7-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lenny and Yang - Hall Reception at Dewan Puspanita

ini lenny...
ini lenny dan yang dan shah...
ini make-up tool org yg mekap lenny...
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Got headache with fotopage problem...i took so many times using broadband internet line to upload these entry. O my god! Btw...enjoy this entry. This entry is meant for lenny that always pressing F5 (Refresh) button every night to see if there were more updates.

Enjoy Lenny!! Don't froggget our plan ek. Special oneee!!

Saiful Nang
Lead Photographer
Saiful Nang & Associates
019 2004 257
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Sunday, 2-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
SHasha Hj Ahmad & Hussaini Dato' Mohd Zain - Dewan Merak

Main table - with Dato' Hj Fadhilah Kamsah
The Malay Dagger (The outside one ok)
Shasha and Hussaini
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Since the fotopage now seems to be hinting the fotopagers to subscribe their pay this free heck is now affected in their server transfer i guess. So, I found difficulties in uploading photos. Stay tuned....there'll be more to come!

Saiful Nang
Lead Photographer
Saiful Nang & Associates
019 2004 257
Yahoo Msgr : kebuluran@yahoo .com

Wednesday, 29-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Azie & Arif - My Best Friend's Wedding

the photojournalist take a bicycle ride...
to azie's house...
and this is the hero and heroin in this entry...
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Typical Malay Wedding Budget Allocation

1. Wedding Dress RM 3,500 (Cheap)
2. Make-up Artist RM 500 / make-up (Cheap)
3. Flower decoration RM 4,000 (Cheap)
4. Budget reception RM 15,000 (Cheap)
5. Guest souvenir RM 3,000 (Cheap)
6. Photographer to record all above and preserve it even when u die RM 2,000 (VERYYY EXPENSIVEEE)

Think about that!


This is something a conventional photographer won't do in covering a wedding event. Photos taken by one of my apprentices during one of my wedding assignment.

AZIE AND ARIF - My Best Friend's Wedding

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Azie.

As a phtoographer, i realize...every wedding i attend is the best wedding ever till one day i realize...every wedding have different feeling on me. Every wedding has their own uniqueness which somehow make the wedding i felt like the best wedding ever.

Azie was once my customer, since she did enroll quite early and she had lot of time chatting with me in YM, and she turn to be my best friends then. I can say, she is my best friend customer. Thanks Azie for the warm hospitality from you and your family.

Azie's wedding happen in Tapah Perak. A place that has all the classical value. Old wooden house, pokok kelapa, Old Bicycle, Old Folks and many many more. I just can't stop my finger snapping something unique that never stop in front of me. Enjoy the photos!

Saiful Nang
Lead Photographer
Saiful Nang & Associates
019 2004 257
Yahoo Msgr : kebuluran@yahoo .com

Monday, 27-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Husaini Dato' Mohd Zin & Narissa Adeeb Hj Ahmad - Pt. I

in a lovely evening...
inside a bridal room...
and a romantic old couple...
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Appear this time entry is to answer many many people asking the same questions all over again.
No. 1 FAQ is...Do u offer photography service. Answer: YES

No. 2 - U must be expensive since most of your customers came from the VIP kids.
Answer : No ! I give something different in photo momento since I don't deliver a photo album but i deliver a Photo Journal which the photo draw the story and ambient of the actual day. And it is cheap since I also have some very ordinary people that can afford it. And they are really take much attention on photo to preserve their "once in a lifetime" moment. My price range a little expensive compared to conventional photographer and a little cheaper than a wedding photojournalist.

Pernikahan Husaini Dato' Mohd Zin & Narissa Adeeb Hj Ahmad
I arrive her house at Alam Damai Cheras on time and manage to capture some kids playing candle and do some ice breaking with Shasha's family (Narissa = Shasha). In a way, more time i spend to sakat her nephews, cousin heheh, sister hehehe and last but not least her very serious father "Tuan Haji Ahmad" and also her mother. And the auntie also...sorry for being a notti photographer but i love them all for being so sporting.

Ok...better u go thru the entry...i let the photo to tell the story. Part II is already shooted but still waiting in queue to be uploaded. Stay tuned

Saiful Nang
Lead Photographer
Saiful Nang & Associates
019 2004 257
Yahoo Msgr : kebuluran@yahoo .com

Sunday, 26-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Norhayati Jamin & Azlan Dato' Awadz

The tepak sireh...
Outdoor Portrait dekat2 rumah
The arrival...from KL
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I'm quite happy for this time coverage. A special function which happen in Linggi. Azlan was my 2nd customer enrolled after Lenny. Lenny was the only customer booked me without even saw my outcome. But she trust me and Azlan is Lenny's friend. As u seen here, there's no nikah ceremony since this couple already gone married the recent Syawal. Congrats to basically, no more malu malu during this function...see...i can say a Hindustan couple. This is a single photographer event originally, but I bring one photographer that really want to learn and see how saiful nang do his wedding coverage. He is Azim Puchong ( ). U know what...that was his 1st wedding after he bought his new D70. Good Job dude! Go on...I'll always teach u but please jgn sombong bila dah pandai

What interest me most was the venue of event that taking place in Kampung Linggi Negeri Sembilan. It took me 1 hour from KL to go there. It's a real kampung style of wedding which i really love those work-together spirit (Rewang) among the villagers.

To Azlan and Yatie...Thanks for being such a sporting couple. Take care

Saiful Nang
Lead Photographer
Saiful Nang & Associates
019 2004 257
Yahoo Msgr : kebuluran@yahoo .com


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