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Tuesday, 17-Jul-2007 13:06 Email | Share | Bookmark

Melayu take this word for granted. Especially when they have made promises. Last week, a lady called to have an appointment tonight (After office Hour). This morning she confirmed to turn-up by 8.00pm. I normally go home by 5 or 6 pm if I have no appointments. I have many things to do; dinner with my wife, do some groceries, meeting people from my community, visiting frens and many more things.

From 5pm to 8.30pm she still didnt turn-up. I called her, and she said she'll be here in 10-15 minutes, which means, 8.45pm the latest. 8.45pm, she sent an SMS

"Mr Saiful, I'm really sorry...We re gona be late. It's unexpected. So do we stil can cu? I just can be there by 9.30pm. But Its OK if u have other appointments"

What would u feel when u have waited for 3 and half hour at the office and suddenly the person u intended to meet tell you, sorry I'll be late for another hour. It's VERY BAD, but it's not that bad yet. Worse than that, I could not reach her thruough her phone right after that message. Status of the appointment is now "Hang".

Even worse, I have another appointment out of offiice at 9.30pm. I have told her about that earlier. Just because I've waited for 3 hours and another extended hour, I decided to differ my appointment to 9.30pm.

Look, just because of not wanting to dissappoint my customer, I decided to wait. But now it is almost 9.30pm, and she still has not turn-up. I'm still waiting here and mumbling all the "Seranah" to those who don't keep their promise. I am so MAD now. I feel like if she "ON" the phone again I will tell her "F**K YOU!!". After beberapa kali call tak dapat, she sent me an SMS,

I'm coming. Looking for IOI mall, lost

I then guided her by calling her phone. I gave proper direction to her fiance. Looked like everything was fine. I felt better again. I then waited for another 30 minutes, before she sent another SMS...

Something turns up...I really cant make it. Im teribly sorry

After this message, I tried to call her, but it went straight to the mailbox. The phone was "OFF". I sent her an SMS

Please treat me like human. I've waited since 5pm. And I cancelled my 9.30 appointment

Huhh!! Please be considerate to other people, then others will do the same to you.

As a result of 1 people not being punctual

1. I have to retime my next appointment (Another promise broken)
2. I have wasted my time for 4 hours now doing "Nothing", except "Waiting"
3. The appointment slot should have been for someone who insisted to have it today but i have to put her in tomorrow slot.
4. My wife has to dine alone (Another promise broken)

I request for those out there, please dont do this to others. I know how painful it is. Other people also have their own life. Please don't treat us like a "Beggar". I dont mind if you want to cancel the appointment. It's ok if u have already found other photographers and you want to cancel the appointment. But please do tell us. A lot of people called us to tell us that they already found another photographer and we just said, Thank You. We didn't get mad at all.

I've attended many people who ended-up with "not taking" our service but afterall, we could still be friend. We are very professional in this. But when it comes to this issue, I feel that I have not been treated like a human being. I've been treated like a "Loser" or "Zombie". It's like I dont have anything to do.

Selalu sangat tengok orang melayu tak tepati janji. Kenapa? Pernah ke kita lewat temujanji dgn Perdana Menteri? Kerana dia orang penting kan? Kenapa kita lewat appointment dengan orang2 macam doktor gigi, insurance agent, unit trust agent, sales agent dan dalam kes ini, dgn wedding photographer? Kerana kita tak rasa mereka ni penting kan?

Saya anggap semua customer saya sama pentingnya. Dari golongan mana sekalipun, dari pada golongan kebanyakan kepada golongan kenamaan serta keluarga2 diraja. Dan saya bangga untuk berkata, sepanjang 2 tahun setengah saya buat wedding, saya dan team saya TAK PERNAH lewat datang wedding assignment. Tak ada "excuse" langsung yg pernah kami beri. Dan saya harap, orang2 di luar pun hendaknya. Boleh tak kita bayangkan kalau kami ambil lewa tentang "Punctuality" dalam practice profession kami? Bayangkan kami datang selepas 4 jam majlis bermula? dapat bayangkan?

Tidak kisah lah siapa yang bayar siapa itu bukan soalnya. Kalau orang tak senonoh, saya pun akan tolak walaupun dia nak bayar kita puluhan ribu. Kenapa? Kita buat kerja dengan "PASSION". Passion akan hilang bila ada "Bengang" dalam hati. Tonight, I officially BANNED her from being our client. I've no regret at all, no matter how rich she is.

Friends, again, I beg all of you to be more considerate bila dah berjanji. Kita berjanji dengan manusia. Setiap manusia ada kehidupan masing2. Jangan kita rosakkan hidup orang lain dgn janji2 yang tak ditunaikan. Bangsa kita jadi teruk sangat pasal janji mulut dah langsung tak laku kerana kita sendiri ambil perkara itu "remeh".

Hari ni kita buat orang macam ni, esok lusa orang buat kita macam tu pulak.

Office CS


Today, he woke up with sore throat, headache and mild fever. I took him to the clinic at lunch break. The doctor offered him MC so that he can rest at home, but he refused. He told me, I have to work, and I have appointments today. I let him go with a promise that he'll be home early today, to dine with me and to watch Natasya, final episode, with me. But now, at 10.30, I haven't had my dinner, and I watched Natasya, alone. And this is not the first time promise broken. We could not attend friends' weddings, had to reschedule/cancel other appointments, and most often, missed our dinner together. Just because some clients turned up late and worst, no show.

Customers are always right. Can this term be used at all time? A 15 minutes late customer is still right. A 30 minutes late customer is forgiveable. But an hour late customer, and definitely no turn customer is unacceptable. They definitely have no respect to other people's time. Maybe they didn't know it (duh, I'm sure they are not st***d), but their action could effect people's life. What if I'm not an understanding wife? I could be mad if my husband's 15 minutes late, and definitely go crazy if I have to cancel our appointment just because he could not make it, because he has to wait for a late customer.

Well, I have more to write but think I should not. However, I beg u, future customers, and everybody in fact, please respect time. Time is not to be wasted, especially other people's time. If your time has no value, never think that other people's time is also invaluable. Please try to turn up on time for your appointment. That is your responsibility.

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